Why I March

I march because I’m Human, a member of a society of humans. We will all be treated with dignity.

I march because I am a Woman. All life is born from a female’s womb. Every she is valuable and as precious as every he.

I march because I am a Sister and an Aunt. Those who come behind me will be greeted with opportunities that will allow their unique and beautiful gifts to blossom.

I march because I am a Friend. Since childhood my life has been flavored with the differences of people who look and sound different than me. Those who season our world with their beautiful diverse presence will have protection and fair treatment.

I march because I’m Gay. Equal rights are my American birthright and I will love those whom I’m drawn to without fear or shame.

I march because I’m a Nurse. The gift of healing and care will be within reach of every person in our nation. We will endeavor to make healing and care within the reach of every person within our global community.

I march because I am a Christian. All who seek will have a sacred space where they can gather with likeminded individuals and worship in a manner that allows their spirits to soar.

I march because I am an Heir. Decades before my birth strangers marched, fought, lived and died for my opportunities.

We don’t have to agree on everything. There is enough room in the human heart to embrace those who are different. There’s enough room in our families to cherish each member. There’s room enough in the church to rejoice in the knowledge that we are all loved and accepted by our Creator. There’s enough room in our communities that our children can run and play together, and all our neighbors can find a warm welcome. There’s room enough in the United States of America that there can be liberty and justice for all.

This is my hope.

This is my passion.

This is my relentless pursuit.

This is why I must march.


Author: lengle121

I am a recipient of huge grace. I am committed to being a person of grace as I struggle to navigate "the narrow road." My commitment to being a person of grace is steadfast. The execution of that task.... let's just say the struggle is real. Our actions are shaped by this pursuit, our character is refined by it. God help us all!

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