Be Brave

Be brave my friend. You are strong.

Feelings aren’t facts. To doubt is human. Your crowded mind hides your peace.

As the storm attempts to intimidate, stand your sacred ground. You’ve lived many days and learned many lessons. You demonstrated great courage by inviting uncomfortable truth into your presence.

Your legs are so tired. Your heart is so heavy. You wonder how much more you can stand. Moment by moment you struggle.

Cling to your faith to sustain you, move towards things that give you strength. Your long night will end. The dawn  will break all around you. Your steps will get easier. You will soon look down and realize that the chains that once imprisoned you have fallen off. Your ears will be filled by the hymn of life instead of a litany of despair.

When your eyes are so tired, it’s hard to see clearly. Believe my words. Trust my heart. Your new day is approaching. You’re smart enough to navigate this and strong enough to survive. I have so much hope for your future my heart can hardly contain it.

Be brave my friend. Your soul will be restored, and you will dance in the joy that awaits.


Author: lengle121

I am a recipient of huge grace. I am committed to being a person of grace as I struggle to navigate "the narrow road." My commitment to being a person of grace is steadfast. The execution of that task.... let's just say the struggle is real. Our actions are shaped by this pursuit, our character is refined by it. God help us all!

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